What is a G-Go Internet Kiosk?

A G-Go Internet Kiosk is a coin operated computer terminal allowing users to browse the internet, send and receive emails, chat, Skype, print, create and edit documents, watch online videos, and do just about anything else they could do on a home or work PC. Our internet kiosks come in a range of styles, and can be custom built for any environment.

How does it work?

Our kiosks are incredibly easy to deploy and operate, and even easier to use. All the internet kiosk needs is an internet connection and standard power supply - simply plug it in and profit!

Internet Kiosk features:

All G-Go Internet Kiosks are completely self-contained, with a fully automated self-serve operation that does not require staffing or management.

• Self service pay-per-use design
• Remote maintenance & updates from our technicians
• Sitekiosk™ secure platform
• 24/7 support from our technicians
• Content filtering
• Fully customisable pricing plans
• Choice of branding to suit your business
• Detailed reports of usage and income
• Optional A4 printing facility
• Gaming, chat, Skype and IM

Where are Internet Kiosks used?


Internet kiosks are often found in hotels, restaurants, train stations, doctor's waiting rooms, hospitals, airports, libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, department stores, supermarkets and other public places. Many universities and schools also have internet kiosks in their grounds.

I need to know more! What do I do next?

To request a brochure or speak to a member of our team, call us today on freephone 0800 0845 023 or use our contact page to request further info. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and help you to choose the right kiosk for your business.

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